"The goal of Community Groups is to create a space where biblical truth is applied to regular life in the context of gospel-centered relationships."


At Liberty Baptist Church, we believe that Scripture teaches that God created us to be in relationship with him and with other believers. We also believe that only the gospel enables Christians to develop the type of transparent relationships that God intended. We recognize that it is nearly impossible to develop these types of relationships with others on a Sunday morning, which is why we have created small groups we call “Community Groups."

The purpose of these Community Groups is to build gospel-centered relationships with others for the purpose of friendship, encouragement, accountability, and mission. They create a space where biblical truth is applied to regular life within the context of gospel-centered relationships. If you’re looking for more reasons for why you should participate in a Community Group, you can check out this brief article.

We’d really like for you to check out a Community Group. To do that, simply email us at info@lbcliberty.org, text us 816.866.1963, or call us at 816.781.1234.  The current Community Group schedule is listed below. 



2017-2018 community group schedule

Sunday Community Groups:

Leader: Caleb & Kaitlyn Wright  |  Time: 2:30PM 

Monday Community Groups:

Leader: Brandon & Kaylee Freeman  |  Time: 6:00PM

Tuesday Community Groups:

Leader: Collin & Aubrey Coffee  |  Time: 6:00PM

Leader: Steven & Stephanie Leatherbury  |  Time: 6:00PM

Leader: Joseph & Kayla Petty  |  Time: 6:00PM

Leader: Elliot & Vicky Pjecha  |  Time: 7:00PM

Leader: Bobby & Sara Sumner  |  Time: 6:00PM

Wednesday Night Community Groups:

Leader: Shane & Jill Homan  |  Time: 6:30PM 

Leader: Jeff & Michelle Muir  |  Time: 6:30PM


 - Community Groups take a break from November 19 to January 28 -