STEVEN serves Liberty Baptist Church as a Lay Pastor

At the age of 23, Steven met an old friend from high school who had become a Christian. Steven had been living in persistent sin up to that point, but his friend shared the gospel with him, and the Lord used that conversation to transform Steven’s life. Shortly after his conversion, he became involved with a local church and began sharing his testimony. The Lord began to ignite in Steven a passion to preach God’s word. The Lord has since confirmed this passion in Steven, as he has been given opportunities to preach and has been affirmed by fellow church members that this is a calling on his life.

Steven joined LBC in May 2013 and became a Lay-Pastor in July 2018. He serves the church through preaching, teaching, counseling, and caring for the spiritual needs of LBC members. Since shortly after his conversion, the Lord has given Steven a love for God’s people and a desire to see them grow in Christ. Steven is eager to lay down his life alongside the other pastors for the good of this church, which he loves. He prays regularly that the Lord would protect LBC’s leaders and their families, and that the Lord would give the people of LBC greater desire for Himself than for the world.

Outside of his ministry in the church, Steven enjoys spending time with his wife, Stephanie, and their four children, Lily, Evie, Halina, and Rosie. He recently completed his Master of Divinity from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and he spends his days working at Cerner as a Technical Solutions Analyst. If he has free time outside of work, family, and church responsibilities, he loves to read and watch sports. If you want to get to know Steven better, invite him to shoot hoops with you, ask him what he’s currently reading, or connect with him through one of the methods below his picture.