Sam serves Liberty Baptist Church as a Lay Pastor

At the age of 12, Sam began asking specific questions about Jesus and salvation. His parents had kept him in church, but Sam began to understand and mull over his “lostness”, the gravity of his own sin, and the eternal punishment for it. One night on a ride home with his father, Sam received forgiveness of his sin through Christ. His dad pulled over on a country road, they prayed together, and Sam knew he had Christ and was forgiven. Sam’s conversion was evident through his conviction over sin, repentance from sin, and a desire to follow Jesus from that point on. Sam was called to ministry at the age of 18 and deeply desires to see the saints love the gospel, view the gospel as the shaping reality of their lives, and fight sin by allowing the Bible to live and breathe in them as Jesus does in Matthew 4.

Sam joined LBC in December 2014 and became a Lay-Pastor in March 2017. He serves the church by shepherding through pastoral care, discipleship, teaching new members’ classes, overall member care, and preaching when it is helpful. In his time at LBC, Sam has loved watching the church grow accustomed to following God through following His scriptures, particularly in its corporate obedience to a plurality of elders, healthy church membership, and a more robust view of church discipline. He prays regularly that the gospel would be the heartbeat of every church member, that the preached Word of God would be the center of every member’s week, and that each member would read scripture.

Outside of his ministry in the church, Sam enjoys spending time with his wife, Mallory, and their two children, Abby and Levi. He serves as the Dean of Spurgeon College at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he is also pursuing a Ph.D. in Theology. He likes to read and write, and he enjoys discipling people. If you want to get to know Sam better, ask him about the Inklings or John Owen, or connect with him through one of the methods below.