"What you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, commit to faithful men who will be able to teach others also."

-2 Timothy 2:2

About the Residency

Over the last several years, as Liberty Baptist Church has pursued its mission to showcase the glory of God by being and making disciples of Jesus Christ, we have enjoyed fruitful growth and increasing opportunities for ministry. A vital aspect of this gospel expansion has been implementing our desire to serve men discerning a call to ministry and their families.

The Pastoral Training Center (PTC) is Liberty Baptist Church’s formal residency program for the mentoring of men pursuing a call to gospel ministry. Led by director Jared Wilson, PTC is an 18-month cohort-based process in which participants will collaborate in discussions on assigned readings, undergo group and individual coaching, and receive on-the-ground ministry experience. These experiences may include visitation, evangelism, teaching service in the church, preaching opportunities, and “shadowing” our pastor and other leaders.

By the end of the PTC process, residents will have grown in (1) their knowledge of God’s word, especially in respect to the vocation of pastoral ministry; (2) their aptitude and temperament for biblical shepherding of a local church; and (3) their affection for Jesus and for his Bride. Upon completion of the PTC process, all qualified applicants will receive ordination by Liberty Baptist Church to gospel ministry.


How Do I Apply?

Qualified applicants must be men 18 years of age or older and must either be current members of Liberty Baptist Church or be in the process of membership. The current residency term is closed. The next residency term will begin Fall 2019 and the application window will open January 2019.




What is the duration of the PTC process?

The PTC residency program runs for 1.5 years. 

Do I have to be a seminary student to participate in PTC? 

Although we highly recommend seminary education for pastoral ministry candidates, you do not need to attend seminary to qualify for participation in PTC. However, non-seminary students may receive a deeper list of assigned readings to compensate for some gaps in theological training that a seminary degree program would fill.

How does the PTC process relate to my seminary degree program?

PTC applicants are not required to be seminary students, but most participants have had some educational training or are current students at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. The PTC residency program is meant to complement the training one would receive in seminary, not replace it or reproduce it. The readings assigned will generally be of the kind not typically found in seminary class syllabi and the coaching received is likely to be more customized, personal, and experiential than a student may find in the seminary experience.

Does PTC cost or pay anything?

The residency program is free of financial charge. We are not able to provide any financial payment or stipend.

What if I don’t qualify for covenant membership at LBC?

If you are not already a covenant member of LBC, you will be able to pursue membership concurrently with participation in the PTC residency. If, however, you are unable to complete the membership process, for whatever reason, you will also be removed from the residency.

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