Sermon Text:

Mark 3:20-30 | “Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit”

Sermon Outline:

1.) The wisdom of Jesus is unequaled (v. 20-26).

2.) The power of Jesus is unparalleled (v. 27).  

3.) The forgiveness of Jesus is unfathomable (v. 28-30).

Discussion Questions:

What in the sermon did you find most helpful, convicting, or encouraging?

How does the fact that “opposition as a Christian is normal” affect your faith? How does it affect the way you tell others about Christ and the Christian life?

Though we should use logic, reason, and even argumentation when defending our faith, why is it important to remember that, without the Spirit’s work, conversion is impossible?

In light of what Jesus says about division, what are some of the reasons we should strive for unity in our church?

At our church, specifically, what are some of the most likely ways we could become divided? How can we fight against this potential division?

What are some of the ways Mark proves—in this passage—that Jesus is the Messiah?

For the sake of clarification, what is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit? How might you explain it to a child or someone new to the Christian faith?

In what ways does this passage (and Nathan’s sermon) make you thankful for the gospel and its power to save?