Sermon Text:

“King of the Demonic Realm”| Mark 5:1-20 | Nathan Rose

Sermon Outline:

  1. Jesus’ power is unmatched. (v. 1-13)

  2. Jesus’ power is transformative. (v. 14-20)

    And so, the former demoniac:

      1. ...becomes a new person.

      2. ...wants to be near Jesus.

      3. ...obeys Jesus and tells others of Jesus’ mercy.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Discuss this question at the beginning or the end: What in the sermon did you find most helpful, convicting, or encouraging?

  2. Do you have any experiences seeing the demonic realm at work, in the West or other parts of the world?

  3. Why are we, in the West, so prone to ignore the demonic realm? How might Satan actually be at work in our part of the world?

  4. Do you lean to either of the two errors concerning the demonic realm (i.e., disbelieving in its existence or feeling an excessive interest in it), or do you find yourself in the middle?

  5. How does Satan’s work of opposition most affect you: his deceit, temptation, accusation, or destruction? No matter the way, why is this passage good news for you?

  6. What are some of the ways the demonic realm as demonstrated in popular culture is completely different from what we learn in this passage?

  7. How does this event foreshadow the gospel’s completion? How does it foreshadow the ultimate fulfillment of Genesis 3:15?

  8. Why do you think some of the onlookers begged Jesus to leave while the man who was healed begged to stay with Jesus?

  9. How do all believers have a story to tell about God saving us from the power of Satan?