What is Preview Wednesday?

Liberty Students has designed Preview Wednesday for potential students who are interested in joining our student ministry. During these two nights we will not do anything different than our other gatherings, but we will take time to explain each part of the service and the purpose behind it. Our hope is that these nights would help incoming students become familiar with what we do and get to know some of the students they will be growing alongside in the faith.

What are the dates for Preview Wednesday?

The first Preview Wednesday is on May 15th at 6:30 p.m. The second Preview Wednesday is on May 22nd at 6:30 p.m. We will meet in the Fellowship Hall both nights.

Who should participate in Preview Wednesday?

Preview Wednesday is for any students who are currently in sixth grade who will be going into seventh grade in the Fall and any students who are interested in being involved in Liberty Students. This is an invitation to any families who are visiting Liberty Baptist Church whose students will be in 7th-12th grades in the 2019-20 year and would like to checkout our student ministry.

What is the mission of Liberty Students?

Our student ministry has a three-fold mission. First, our mission is to equip students who profess faith in Christ and have been baptized. We do this through teaching the Word, reminding the students of the gospel weekly, and discipleship. We know that we are not the primary disciple-makers of these students. We are here to assist the parents by pointing them to Christ-centered resources to equip their kids.

Second, our mission is to share the gospel every week to students who may not have responded to the gospel in faith. Despite being raised in the church by believing parents, some of our students have not professed faith in Christ. We are intentional about sharing the gospel through teaching the Word, prayer, and weekly conversations.

Lastly, our mission is to minister to those who come only on Wednesday nights whose family members don’t go to church or are not professing believers. These students are looking for a place to belong and gain comfort. We see this as an act of God's providence and a stewardship that He gives us as a student ministry.

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