This past Sunday, we saw in Mark 1:21-28 that the demons knew Jesus properly, but they did not know him personally. They had knowledge and even obedience, but they did not treasure or trust him. In light of this, I issued a warning to every professing Christian to be careful that your “Christianity” wasn’t a religion that resembled that of the demons. I also included a quote from Alistair Begg that emphasized this danger. He said:

“Better to be a pagan with no interest and the possibility of being reached, than to be a casual, almost believer; learning the menu, memorizing the timetable, but never eating the food and never taking the journey.”

In this post, I want to encourage you to read a sermon on this topic. It was given by the famous 18th century evangelist, George Whitefield. The title of it is “The Almost Christian.” Below is a link to his printed sermon as well as an audio recording, if you’d prefer to listen to it.

The Almost Christian” printed sermon

The Almost Christian” audio recording